developing AGV

dedicates to manufacturing& developing AGV (automated guided vehicle/ autonomous mobile robot) and logistics robots, constantly providing high end AGV equipment and system.

OKAGV products range covers lurking AGV, tugger AGV, load transfer AGV, lifting AGV, forklift AGV, warehouse logistics AGV robot, waitress AGV robot etc. Different navigation method available, customized OEM/ODM welcome.

Ever since the beginning, we set quality standard according to EU technics, introduced advanced AGV/AMR technology and plans, high investment into technology R&D teams. So far we have gained trust and acceptance from customers like Foxccon, GREE, Midea, Panasonic, HITACHI elevator, Meiling(Hefei), Liugong Forklift, FAW, SAIC motor, etc. In many industries like aerospace, aviation, automobiles, home compliances, electronics, Opto electronics, heavy industries, banking, hospital, printing etc, OKAGV products are widely used.