600kg payload Goods-to-person Kiva amazon warehouse robot AGV

Basic information
Navigation: QR code
AGV type: Lifting AGV
Payload: 500kg
AGV size: small
Material type: rack, trolley, box &tray, pallet,

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Elfin robot is one of OKAGV new version of intelligent warehouse transfer robot. Fastest warehouse robot in the south China. 
It works just like Amazon’s KIVA, navigated by Inertia 2D bar code, small, agility, high accuracy and fast. The functions includes automatically avoiding obstacles, flexible route design, long time load holding. Elfin can move the shelf rack of the cargo from big warehouse storage district to certain required area, which highly increase the efficiency of transportation logistics. Overall 50% efficiency raises after using Elfin robots. 
Company info
Business type: manufacturer
Main products: auto guided vehicle, automated guided cart, automatic guided, autonomous mobile robot, AMR, agv vehicle, agv material handling, MIR
Number of employee: 120
Location: Shenzhen Guangdong, China
Year of establishment: 2013
Unmanned warehouse, production lines
Packing info:
In wooden boxes on pallets. 

AGV Type Standard ELFIN warehouse logistics AGV robot
Payload type trolley /pallet/ rack/box& tray
Size L900*W700*H310(mm)
Control MCU
Navigation QR code, 2D barcode navigation
Moving Forward, rotate, backward
Communication Wireless communication (optional)
Driving mode Differential drive
Driving power DC48V
Lifting mode Automatic lift and rotate
Loading capacity 500KG
Moving speed 0-120m/min (adjustable)
Guidance accuracy ±10mm
Working time 24 hs
Gradeability 3-5°
Stop accuracy ±10mm
Charging mode  Manually/ Automatically
Battery  Li battery
Safety sensor range 5m, adjustable,emergency stop distance<20mm
Working environment Indoor temp:0~40
Relative humidity:40%~80%
Safety protection  Laser obstacle sensor
Designed lifespan  10 years