Kollmorg QR code guided OKAGV Bot AGV system

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Differences from OKAGV’s traditional AGV offering
•New layout tool: Easy use for large area systems
•Automatically generates traffic rules, together with tailored system control software
•New algorithm to help optimize large fleet traffic 
•Less complexity gives a cost-effective pricing
•Visualizer: Remote system & bot status monitoring on multi operating platforms ( i.e. Windows, Android & IOS) 

Key features
•Large fleets system
•High storage utilization
•Asymmetric grid support 
•Dynamic grid: reorganize rack placement in real-time
•Variety communication ways
•Vehicle rotate and reverse out at station
•Handles external sensors
•Visualizer – real time system monitoring
•Bot can coexist with AGV
•Traffic analysis 
•Scheduled vehicle battery charging
•Differential wheel driven bot 
•Host interface
Advantages with the system
•The same well known AGV platform Software tools for easy design & commissioning
•Safe and experienced dispatch system:
•Route planning, task scheduling, traffic control ( 47 years and 30,000+ vehicles used)
•Variety of navigation methods (barcode, laser, nature etc.) and vehicle types
•Mix AGV & Bot in different operation areas
•Systematic guides and training as well as documentation and templates
•Modular package – enables the partner to contribute with functionality
•Mature simulation solution - verifies feasibility 
•Performance guidelines