Auto hook 300kg 500kg bidirectional tugger AGV

Basic information
Navigation: magnetic tape
AGV type: tugger AGV
Payload: 300kg, 500kg  
AGV size: middle, big
Material type: trolley 

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AGV introduction
Automatic hook, strongly suggested.  no need to redesign your existed trolleys. Can tow many trolleys at a time under the payload limit. 
The tugger AGV can hook the trolleys like a train, the AGV hooks the 1st trolley with a electromagnetic, other trolleys connect with each other with manual hook(normally), 
Company info
Business type: manufacturer
Main products: auto guided vehicle, automated guided cart, automatic guided, autonomous mobile robot, AMR, agv vehicle, agv material handling, MIR
Number of employee: 120
Location: Shenzhen Guangdong, China
Year of establishment: 2013
Unmanned warehouse, production lines
Packing info
In wooden boxes on pallets.  

Name Auto hook 300kg 500kg bidirectional 2 way Tugger AGV
Payload type Trolley
AGV size L1000*W500*H1000(mm)(customized accordingly)
Control Mode MCU/ PLC
Navigation Mode Magnetic Tape Guidance
Direction of Moving Forward, Left & Right Turning, forked way picking
Driving Mode Differential Speed Driving
Motors 2 motors
Max load volume in kg 300, 500 
N.W.(with battery) in kg ≤250
Max moving speed, m/min 50
Max turning speed, m/min 20
Load& unload Manually/ Automatically connect& disconnect trolleys
Guidance Accuracy ±10mm
Stop Accuracy ±10mm
Charging Mode Manual Charging /Automatic Charging
Battery Lead Battery/ Li battery
Battery life Charging& Discharging Times: >1500 Times
Communication Wireless LAN
Protection Obstacle Safety Sensor + Bumper
Interface English/Chinese
Extension Open extensions interface