Small Mini Pallet truck auto pallet mover AGV AMR

Name: mini forklift pallet truck AGV
Payload: 2000kg
Navigation: Reflectors& SLAM
Size: 1550*900*2150
Carrier: pallets

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Control mode PLC controller Working time 24 hours
Moving direction Forward, backward, left, right, forkway picking, rotate Gradeability ≤3°
Communication mode wireless communication (optional) Stop accuracy ±5mm
Drive mode Steering wheel Charging mode offline charging
Drive voltage DC48V Safety sensor range ≤3m, adjustable, emergency stop distance <300mm
Load capacity 2000KG Alarm mode Sound and light alarm
Moving speed 0-90m/min (adjustable) Battery consecutive battery discharge times>1500
Turning radius 1060mm Safety protection obstacle sensor +mechanical anti-collision+emergnecy stop button  tripple protection
navigation accuracy ±5mm Lifespan >10 years

    project Mark Unit OKAGV
Features 1.1 manufacturer     stanrdard
1.2 model     Mini forklift
1.3 Power type:     Electric
1.4 Driving mode: manual, walking, standing driving     AGV
1.5 Rated carrying capacity Q kg 2000
1.6 Load center distance c mm 500
1.7 Front overhang x mm 700
1.8 Wheelbase y mm 877
Weight 2.1 Weight (including battery)   kg 557
2.2 Bridge load at full load: drive side/load-bearing side   kg 942/1615
2.3 Bridge load at no load: drive side/load-bearing side   kg 340/217
Tire 3.1 Tyre type: solid rubber, super elastomer,  pneumatic, PU     PU
3.2 Tire size: drive wheel Φ×W mm Φ230×75
3.3 Tire size: load-bearing wheel Φ×W mm Φ80×54
3.4 Tire size: balance wheel Φ×W mm Φ65×55
3.5 Number of wheels: driving wheel/bearing wheel (×=driving wheel)     1x-2/4
3.6 Wheelbase: drive side b10 mm 380
3.7 Wheel base: load-bearing side b11 mm 646
Size 4.1 total height h1 mm 1430
4.2 Lifting height h3 mm 120
4.3 The height of the fork surface from the ground (at the lowest) h5 mm 85
4.4 Ground height of charging brush h6 mm 500
4.5 Height when the fork is lowered h13 mm 85
4.6 Body length I1 mm 1506
4.7 Distance from fork surface to front I2 mm 356
4.8 Body width b1 mm 878
4.9 Fork size s/e/l mm 61/180/1150
4.10 Outer width of fork, min/max b5 mm 570/680
4.11 Ground clearance of wheelbase center m2 mm 42.5
4.12 Right-angle stacking channel width Ast mm 1730
4.13 Minimum turning radius Wa mm 1060
Perfor mance 5.1 Driving speed: full load/no load   km/h 5/6
5.2 Lifting speed: full load/no load   mm/s 30/35
5.3 Lowering speed: full load/no load   mm/s 42/30
5.8 Maximum climbing capacity, fully loaded/unloaded   % 3/5
5.1 Braking method     Electromagnetic brake
Electri cal 6.1 Drive motor power (S2, 60 minutes)   kw 1.25
6.2 Hoisting motor power (S3, 7.5%)   kw 1.3
6.3 Steering motor power (S2, 10 minutes)   kw 0.16
6.4 Battery type, DIN/BS/JIS/GB     Lithium Iron Phosphate
6.5 Battery voltage/rated capacity (5 hours discharge rate)   V/Ah 24/180
6.6 Battery weight   kg 58
Others 8.1 Drive control mode     AC speed feedback
8.2 Driving+D9:D45 according to EN12053   dB(A) ≤70