2000kg payload laser guided auto hook tugger AMR

Basic information
Navigation: laser navigation 
AGV type: lurking AMR
Payload: 2000kg, 3000kg, 4000kg 5000kg and more
AGV size: middle, big
Material type: trolley 

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AGV introduction
2000kg payload laser guided auto hook tugger AMR is one of OKAGV highest value trackless vehicle.  Trackless guidance from Sweden Kollmorgen, the most reliable fleet control, AGV monitor system. The robot surveys through the AGV paths to form a navigation map, then a minimum of 50% of the sensor reading must come from objects that is part of the surveyed map.
The tugger AMR can hook the trolleys like a train, the hook from the AGV is automatic, AMR moves backward to connect with the 1st trolley, other trolleys connect with each other with manual hook(normally).
Company info
Business type: manufacturer
Main products: auto guided vehicle, automated guided cart, automatic guided, autonomous mobile robot, AMR, agv vehicle, agv material handling, MIR
Number of employee: 120
Location: Shenzhen Guangdong, China
Year of establishment: 2013
Unmanned warehouse, production lines
Packing info
In wooden boxes on pallets.  
Product details

Name Laser guided auto hook tugger AMR
Payload type Trolley
AGV size L15700*W840*H2400 (mm) (customized accordingly)
Control Mode MCU/ PLC
Navigation Mode Laser guided
Direction of Moving Forward, backward Left & Right Turning
Driving Mode Steering wheel driving
Max load volume in kg 2000kg, 3000kg, 4000kg, 5000kg and more
N.W.(with battery) in kg ≤1000
Max moving speed, m/min 50
Max turning speed, m/min 20
Load& unload Manual hook / Automatic hook
Guidance Accuracy ±10mm
Stop Accuracy ±10mm
Charging Mode Manual Charging /Automatic Charging
Battery Lead Battery/ Li battery
Battery life Charging& Discharging Times: >1500 Times
Communication Wireless LAN
Protection Obstacle safety Sensor + Bumper
Interface English/Chinese
Extension Open extensions interface