SLAM 500kg 1000kg payload trackless tugger AGV

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The SLAM TUGGER AGV, it goes under the trolley/rack/stand and lift and transfer, up to maximum 1000KG.    
Small, agile, fast, max speed 160m/min;
laser safety scanner, 360 degree rotation;
fast charging, combined navigation, fleet control, remote monitor.
Company info
Business type: manufacturer
Main products: AGV, auto guided vehicle, automated guided cart, automatic guided, autonomous mobile robot, AMR, agv vehicle, agv material handling, MIR
Number of employee: 120
Location: Shenzhen Guangdong, China
Year of establishment: 2013
in the production lines of all kinds of industries
Packing info:
In wooden boxes on pallets. 
Payload type Trolleys
Size 950*667*716mm
Control PLC
Navigation SLAM navigation
Moving Forward, rotate, backward
Communication Wireless communication (optional)
Driving mode Differential drive
Driving power DC48V
Lifting mode Automatic lift
Loading capacity 1000KG
Moving speed 0-70m/min
Guidance accuracy ±10mm
Working time 24 hs
Gradeability 3-5°
Stop accuracy ±10mm
Charging mode  Automatically
Battery   Li battery
Safety sensor range 5m, adjustable,emergency stop distance<20mm
Working environment Indoor temp:0~40
Relative humidity:40%~80%
Safety protection  Laser obstacle sensor
Designed lifespan  10 years